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30.09.2012, 06:52
you're not easily ismsepred, and I respect that, I'm not easily ismsepred either, by the same token that you're not ismsepred by SNSD's dances and formations, I'm not ismsepred by JPop groups' dance routines, just because they have an army of people moving on stage on a semi-organized manner does not constitute sharp, sychronized and creative formations to me, just my opinion and that's why I like Kpop and you like Jpop. You were also mistaken about autotuning, Yoona and Hyoyeon's lines were not autotuned, I admit they were slightly processed, but all recorded vocals are processed in some way, but they were not autotuned (please refer to Kanye West or Black Eyed Peas for a 101 on that). And again the decision to autotune was not to hide bad singing, there is no bad singing to be hidden in my opinion, it's just an intent to make it sound cool. Mr.Taxi is a very beautifully produced song from a technical standpoint, it marks SNSD's first effort of an original Japanese song and it is a darn good one, nothing should be taken away from the song because of the relative subpar MV. I say SNSD is struggling not because they're not selling enough albums, it's because they're not in a leading position that we expect them to be in, outselling AKB48 may be a dream but they're stitll struggling to get that coveted Oricon Weekly #1 and losing momentum to KARA and rookies like Jang Geun Suk.Just one more word about Heaven Rotation, I didn't bring it up unless you brought it up, and you wouldn't have brought it up unless somebody else brought it up. We all know it's controversial, and it has earned AKB48 zero respect but a ton of flak, for that very reason alone we would never want to see SNSD do anything like that. I only wanted to respond to your point about how Heavy Rotation is acceptable in Japan and we're not talking about the Korean market, and my response to that was SNSD won't be able to do anything like that anywhere because they're judged by Korean standards no matter where they are. So there really was no point in bringing up Heavy Rotation because it's not on a spectrum that SNSD can even operate on. Finally, I don't even want to open the can of warms that is SNSD is being trumpetted as superior to these other girlgroups but aren’t really showing it because we won't ever get to the bottom of this. You seem like a hardcore JPop fan that happens to like SNSD based on my inference from your writing, and you insist on proving to us true blue SNSD fans that somehow, someway they're inferior to the JPop groups. Well, aside from that being a very bad way to make friends here, it ultimately boils down to a difference of opinion, which means there's no point in arguing. What entertains you is not what entertains me, and vise versa, so you will never convince us that SNSD is inferior in any possible way and I will not attempt to convince you otherwise.